Conditions of Membership

The Mundaring Toy Library is run completely by volunteers and relies on members, membership fees and fundraising to operate and maintain the service. We hope you gain much from your membership but also support the Committee in their efforts to operate and better this valuable community resource. Participation is encouraged in the areas of fundraising, promotions, busy bees, toy repairs, cleaning, on the elected Committee and Annual General Meeting attendance. 


By becoming a member, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions to ensure this valuable community resource can operate smoothly and effectively.


Borrowing Toys: 

  • Members may borrow a total of nine items per 2 week loan period consisting of four toys and five jigsaw/games. Corporate members have a month loan period of nine items.
  • Some popular high-demand items are identified by a gold star sticker. To help share these toys amongst all members, only two Goldstar toys may be borrowed at a time. 
  • Members are responsible for ensuring all items are counted and checked against the packaging label prior to borrowing. Counting the toy pieces before borrowing is a condition of membership. 
  • Incomplete or broken toys should not be borrowed before checking with the supervisor on duty. 
  • Members are responsible for selecting age-appropriate toys/games for their child. 
  • Please designate a safe place at home to store packaging. Once you borrow a toy you are responsible for its care and the packaging.  
  • If a toy is found to have missing or broken part/s after being taken home, please leave a message on 0477 837 583 or email [email protected] immediately.  


Returning Toys: 

  • Toys and games need to be returned clean and dry. 
  • Ensure all pieces are accounted for and in the correct packaging by checking them against the packaging label. 
  • The onus is on the borrower to ensure all pieces are accounted for before borrowing. So please check pieces by counting before borrowing and returning all toys. 
  • Advise supervisor on duty if there is any problem with the toy when it is returned. 


Returning a Toy that has Broken or Missing Pieces: 

  • Missing or broken pieces and/or packaging need to be reported to supervisor on duty. 
  • A $2 non-refundable fine is payable should items be returned with missing or broken pieces and/or packaging.  
  • Items must be borrowed for a maximum of two extra weeks in order to find missing pieces or packaging before paying the fine. If pieces are still missing, please bring $2 with you when returning the toy. 
  • If the missing piece or broken part is a major component that is vital to the toy, the cost of returning the toy to a usable condition or replacement costs may be requested. These issues may be referred to the Committee for the appropriate action. 
  • If you find a missing piece at a later date, please return it to us so we can reunite it with the rest of the toy. 


The Duty Roster: 

  • Full members are required to complete one roster session per term and one stocktake session per year. These are a requirement of membership. 
  • New members will be offered computer (MiBase) training on their first roster session. 
  • You will need to enter your preferred session date/s onto the toy library's online roster. A roster email will be sent at the end of each term to notify you when the online roster can be accessed for the following term. Please refer to your Welcome Letter email for instructions on how to use the online roster. Instructions on how to enter your roster online are also available on the toy library pin board. 
  • If a roster date has not been selected, you will be allocated to any remaining session that requires a member. 
  • Members are responsible for finding a replacement should they be unable to attend their rostered session.  
  • An adult family member or friend can be sent to perform your rostered duty (for non-supervisors) or a swap can be arranged with another Toy Library member. Please advise the Roster Coordinator and supervisor for that date of any swaps.  
  • If you cannot attend at short notice, do your best to find a replacement and contact the supervisor for the day. 
  • Penalties will apply for missed roster sessions. 
  • If you are expecting a baby, please notify the Roster Coordinator to arrange 3 months 'maternity leave' from roster duties following the birth of your baby. 



  • Supervisors are needed to open, manage and close each session. 
  • Please consider becoming a supervisor. No experience necessary! 
  • It is really easy, you get one-on-one training and get one free party pack per year.  
  • The more supervisors there are, the fewer duties each supervisor needs to perform each term. 
  • Contact the Roster Coordinator at [email protected] to arrange a training session during your next shift. 



  • Full memberships run for 12 months from date of sign-up. 
  • A renewal reminder will be emailed up to one month prior to membership expiry date so you have plenty of time to renew.  
  • Borrowing is not permitted on overdue memberships. 
  • Should you choose not to renew your membership, please advise the membership officer ([email protected]) as soon as possible so that your member record can be updated. 
  • Overdue memberships will be deleted four weeks from expiry.


By becoming a member, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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